Ooh, that’s hot: Singaporean guys reveal the sex positions that actually turn them on

Ooh, that’s hot: Singaporean guys reveal the sex positions that actually turn them on

Hint: often, your guy wants to feel in charge, strong and protective. You know what? You’re perhaps perhaps perhaps not really the only that is‘fussy: Your man has your favourite sex place too. We asked eight guys to share with us those that buy them going each and every time.


Pssst, here’s just how to have super sex – even if he’s not built… Here’s just exactly how it is possible to boost your sex life with everyday products… real story: “My husband and I also have actually hot ‘sex’ even though we’… “I adore the woman-on-top place because I have a complete view of my wife’s human anatomy and facial expressions. I adore simply laying straight right right back and ingesting that whole glorious scene. We especially think it’s great whenever she arches her body backwards and tosses her return when she’s in the brink of a climax. That’s when i believe she’s at her many stunning.” – Trey*, 33, lecturer

“The doggie place is certainly one of my favourites. For just one, I don’t have actually to exert as energy that is significantly whenever my gf and I also have been in the missionary place, but 2nd, it helps make me feel just like i will be ‘the man’. There’s something therefore primal and raw about doing it doggie-style. Oh, and we additionally have to seize your hands on my girlfriend’s bouncy butt.” – Lionel*, 34, accountant

“I particularly love having my woman to my nerves. We don’t need to do work that is much this jobs offers my girlfriend total control. Exactly what i love most that it gives me access to her hotspots about it is. On me i try to help her orgasm by stimulating her clitoris and having fun with her boobs. while this woman is grinding up and down” – Ben*, 30, economic administrator

“Most people think the missionary position is boring, but i really like it as it makes me feel therefore protective of my spouse. When I’m over the top I have to put up and cuddle her and kiss her face. Moreover it allows us to have conversations that are intimate having intercourse. It’s the essential intimate intercourse place, within my view.” – Gregory*, 40, civil servant

“My spouse and I also love having sideways sex. There’s perhaps perhaps not much real effort involved to ensure that’s an advantage. Exactly what i love most about any of it place is the fact that it is sexy. We get to spoon my partner, kiss her throat and right straight right back, and run my hands all over her human anatomy while i will be inside her. It’s sweet and tender plus it makes me close feel so to her every time.” – Daniel, 42, company owner

“My gf and I also often do so missionary or doggie style, but occasionally, when we’re feeling adventurous, we’ll do so while sitting on a seat. Well, more particularly, I’m when you look at the chair and she sits on top of me. This http://fuckoncam.net/ provides her total control of the rate of my thrusting and she claims it is a wonderful place on her since it permits me personally to thrust much deeper. If she really loves it, it is sufficient for me personally, but We additionally enjoy it since it’s good to relinquish control sometimes.” – Gary, 38, banker

“I adore it whenever my gf gets to the opposite cowgirl place. This is certainly when she squats over me personally but she actually is faced the other method. Not just do I have a superb view of her buttocks, additionally allows me personally fool around with her hair, that we find intimately arousing. We constantly feel just like we’re doing something nasty as soon as we do the opposite cowgirl.” – Leonard, 42, designer

“My gf and I also often have intercourse when you look at the bath. Here is the only time where we could have intercourse taking a stand up against the wall surface and never feel embarrassing about any of it. I love this place given that it’s sexy. Plus, I favor seeing my partner’s breasts jiggle down and up once I have always been thrusting inside and outside of her.” – Kenneth*, 33, insurance broker